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What Did They Do?
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One Family's Experience   
Remember the opening line in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities? "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  Now, do you remember Shakespeare's statement about an ungrateful child being more painful or unpleasant than a serpent's tooth?  Well, there you have it--one family's homeschooling experience in a nutshell... Ours! 

For us, homeschooling has been both wonderful and worrisome. We spent endless hours planning the best possible programs and curricula for our sons, and they hated it. They hated being homeschooled, and we felt rather unappreciated.

So by now you're probably asking, well stupid, if it was so much work, and they didn't like or appreciate it, why did you continue?  Let me try to explain.
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Charles and Damon, fraternal twins, were born May 9, 1980.  Evan was born 27 months later, in 1982. In 1991, their 6th and 4th grade year, after less than stellar experiences in public and private schools, we began homeschooling.  Don't ask for the details, but the term triple expulsion might be in the topic sentence.  It's a long and somewhat sordid story. Buy the book; it's all in there!  In any event, we figured for the $20,000 plus dollars we invested annually for tuition, we could at least match, if not exceed the educational return we were getting, and with a lot less aggravation. So, we decided to give it a whirl and devised a strategic plan. With mission, philosophy, objectives, implementation tactics, etc. in place, the Nabrit Family's homeschooling enterprise was launched.

As word about our family project spread, I was besieged with inquiries about the mechanics, regulations, and outcomes of homeschooling. Everybody wanted to know how it was working out. I heard the same questions so often, that I wrote a book on homeschooling. It is entitled,  As For Me and My House. In it I describe our whole process from concept to reality.  Soon to be released is a related guide, How to Get Your Kid Into College.
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