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Remote Executive Coaching: Goals and Objectives

Remote Executive Leadership Coaching provides clear and easy to follow one-on-one instruction. Beginning with basic communication skills then moving toward advanced-level communications skills, especially for those who manage and supervise others. Participants will learn best practices in communication, collaboration, and the creation and maintenance of trust, respect, and understanding within increasingly diverse workgroups.

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Our Training Approach

PN&A, Inc. believes the greatest degree of learning occurs in an environment of reciprocal respect. Disrespectful behavior and commentary mitigate against the learning experience. As presenters, we seek to increase our audience’s knowledge base to a level that enables well-informed decision-making.

    Our Foundational Premises:

  • Information vs. Attitude
  • Mercy vs. Justice
  • Benefit of the Doubt vs. Assumption of Guilt

Each of the foundational premises, or the means of achieving the goals and adhering to the philosophy statement, derives from one consistent assumption regarding conflict. It is presumed frequently that conflict is an inherently negative thing. PN&A, Inc. encourages workshop participants to view conflict as a potentially positive element; one that is essential for growth. Hence, these three foundational premises emerge from that positive assumption.

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting

Executive Coaching

Leadership & Management Training

Business Ethics

Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic Planning

Team Building

Market Research

Organizational Development


What We Can Do For You

PN&A, Inc.’s diversity, productivity, and profitability programs present bottom-line issues and opportunities to improve the efficient utilization of human resources. A conscious dedication and commitment to excellence is the hallmark of organizations planning for a profitable future in a competitive marketplace.

PN&A, Inc. has compiled a 30+ year track record of unprecedented success in the design, development, and delivery of on-time, cost-conscious, competency-based courses to meet critical skill development needs, both with U.S.-based multi-national corporations and a number of large decentralized federal agencies.

In-person/Remote Training

Since 1986 we’ve provided management consulting services to hundreds of organizations and broad-based (soft skills) training to thousands of managers and employees.

Stress Management, Laughter Yoga and Aromatherapy

This course focuses on awareness and new perspectives.

Building and Managing Effective Teams

Through a combination of pre-reading, on-site/remote individual assessments, small group activities, discussions, and case studies, participants will learn how to staff, assign, build and motivate high performing teams.

Understanding AA, EEO & Diversity

Through lectures, open dialogues, and small group exercises participants acquire a clear and correct understanding of buzzwords and acronyms while developing thoughtful responses to commonly raised questions about AA, EEO, and Diversity.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Paula has worked extensively in the analysis of business and organizational ethics, in both a theoretical and pragmatic context encompassing compliance-based and values-based approaches across national and international parameters. She also has been involved in the development and implementation of ethics components in leadership, team building, and diversity frameworks. Paula has assisted in values-based ethics work in a host of organizations including law enforcement, governmental agencies, and non-profit agencies as well as U.S.-based multinationals. Along with contributions to numerous ethics conferences and publications, Paula also has taught business ethics courses to adult learners at various post-secondary institutions.

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