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PN&A, Inc. bases its fees for training on the length of time required for each class session.  Class duration is noted clearly in the description of each course.  Six-hour courses require a full-day. Four-hour courses require a half-day. We strongly recommend limiting class sizes to 25 students or less per session regardless of duration. You may view our contractor information and order online via GSA Advantage or if you prefer you may contact us directly for assistance.

PN&A, Inc. | FY2019-20 | General Services Administration (GSA)
Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)  |  Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

Contract Number: GS-02F-0015K
Contract Period: February 16, 1995 to February 16, 2020
874-4/RC: Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training, Education Courses, Course Development and Test
Administration Learning, Management, and Internships
Contact Information:
Penn-Nabrit & Associates, Inc.
Corporate Office:
4083 Easton Way
Columbus, OH 43219
Telephone: 614-937-9310, Fax: 614-899-2723
Email: [email protected]
Contract Administrator: Damon P. Nabrit
Business Size: Small Business, Disadvantaged business, Woman owned business
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1a. SIN 874-4 – PSS Training Services
1b. See tables below
1c. N/A
2. Maximum order: $1,000,000
3. Minimum order: $100
4. Geographic coverage (delivery area): Worldwide
5. Point(s) of production (city, county, and State or foreign country): N/A
6. Discount from list prices or statement of net price: List less 14.0%
7. Quantity discounts: None
8. Prompt payment terms: None (net cash)
9a. Notification that Government purchase cards are accepted: at or below the micro-purchase threshold. Yes
9b. Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold. Yes
10. Foreign items (list items by country of origin): N/A
11a. Time of delivery. (Contractor insert number of days): 10 days
11b. Expedited Delivery. The Contractor will insert the sentence “Items available for expedited delivery are noted in this price list.” under this heading. The Contractor may use a symbol of its choosing to highlight items in its price lists that have expedited delivery. N/A
11c. Overnight and 2 day delivery. The Contractor will indicate whether overnight and 2 day delivery are available. Also, the Contractor will indicate that the schedule customer may contact the Contractor for rates for overnight and 2 day delivery. N/A
11d. Urgent Requirements. The Contractor will note in its price list the “Urgent Requirements” clause of its contract and advise agencies that they can also contact the Contractor’s representative to effect a faster delivery. N/A
12. F.O.B. point(s). N/A
13a. Ordering address(es). PN&A, Inc. 4083 Easton Way, Columbus, Ohio 43219, (614) 973-9310
13b. Ordering procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information the Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s), and a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule homepage.
14. Payment address(es). PN&A, Inc. 4083 Easton Way, Columbus, Ohio 43219
15. Warranty provision: None
16. Export packing charges, if applicable: N/A
17. Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any thresholds above the micro-purchase level). None
25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number 94 3864116
26. Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. Yes

Pricing Summary Table for SIN 874- 4: Instructor Led Training



Platform Lectures (< 3 hours)


Half-day Training Sessions


Full-day Training Sessions


Pricing Summary for SIN 874- 4: Course Development & Professional Services



Half-day Consultations


Full-day Consultations


Project Consultations (40 hour retention)


360 Assessments (including summary tabulations)

Starting @ $125 per assessment

Online Survey/Assessments (including summary tabulations)

Starting @ $50 per respondent

EEO Resolution/Investigative/Counseling Services

Starting @ $500 per query

Additional Descriptive Reports


Management Challenge of Change Training Series Course Overviews

Course Code MCC-01

Understanding AA, EEO & Diversity: They’re Not the Same Thing! SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
This seminar provides a good starting point for ensuring a common base of knowledge throughout an organization concerning these critical topics. Our purpose will be to explore the definitions (legal and practical), full spectrum meanings, and responses to terms like diversity, Afrocentric, affirmative action, racism, cultural competence, political correctness, discrimination, quotas, and goals. Through lectures, open dialogues and small group exercises participants acquire a clear and correct understanding of buzzwords and acronyms while developing thoughtful responses to commonly raised questions about AA, EEO, and Diversity. We end the day by bringing all the pieces together in case study exercises. Two sections offered: (1) For non-technical managers and supervisors; (2) For technical managers and supervisors.
Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-02

Title–Exploring Future Horizons: Beyond Technological Advancement! SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
This session addresses the technology of increased productivity within a multicultural workforce by focusing on strategic planning for individual employees, managers, and the organization itself. Exercises include a review of the organizational mission, goals, the performance appraisal format, and hiring/promotional practices. Subsequently, participants create individual mission statements, goals, and timetables. In addition, we explore a strategic plan for change that goes beyond the technology of computer and engineering sciences. Two sections offered: (1) For non-technical managers and supervisors; (2) For technical managers and supervisors.
Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-03

Title–Looking At Race: A Day of Facilitated Discussion SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
Most organizations have been observing America’s demographic shifts, but have felt uncomfortable about encouraging forums on the subject. These changes in the American landscape are affecting and will continue to affect: recruitment, hiring, and promotion practices (internally); and market targeting, capture, and expansion (externally.) Competition for workers and markets has gone global, so may the best informed organization win! Despite their enormous effects on so many operational issues, managers have not felt sufficiently empowered to engage in frank, employee discussions about how these changes affect the workplace. An exploration of alternative world views provides a context in which to process the issues introduced into this facilitated dialogue. We will discuss how differences in world views, communication, and conflict management present a unique opportunity to examine the truth about the “other.” Ultimately, this facilitated discourse leads to stimulating, thought provoking enlightenment about cultural myths, their origins, and their impact on the organization.
Open to all employee levels.

Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-04

Title–The Economics of Diversity: It’s a Small, Small (and Very Competitive) World! SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
Our examination of diversity moves beyond the moral and legal context to an economic one. This seminar overlays diversity issues against the somewhat narrow parameters of the organization’s “bottom line” objectives. Our goal is to establish the linkage between well managed diversity and the achievement of improved productivity and profitability. We explore the competitive impact of increasingly globalized markets on U.S. based multinationals. Further, we discuss the minuscule growth of the U.S. workforce, the trend toward “downsizing,” and limited advancement and/or promotion opportunities within organizations. Collectively, these issues speak to the need for the maximization of all resources material, technical, and human. Group exercises demonstrate that the productive management of diversity is the effective management of human resources.
Open to all employee levels.

Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-05

Title–Diversity, Productivity and Quality: Exploring the Synthesis SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
Diversity, productivity and quality are critical, interdependent components of successful organizations. This assertion is true whether the organizations operate within the public service or the private sector. The traditional, autonomous examination of each issue shortchanges the strategic planning focus potential, as the individuals responsible for these areas usually have very limited direct interaction. Yet, can quality be addressed without a corresponding examination of productivity? In addition, how can productivity be enhanced, a primary stage in the improvement of quality, without addressing issues of diversity? How can cost containment efforts be pursued without eroding quality, productivity and diversity gains? We will address these questions and others in this workshop. The session will provide a holistic perspective of the diversity, productivity, and quality issues affecting government organizations by exploring connections between: diversity and the law; supervisory and decision-making skill development; diversity and productivity within project teams; communication and conflict management and resolution techniques; managing conflict and increasing efficiency and productivity; cost/expense containment and unresolved conflicts, complaints, absenteeism, inefficiency, settlements and awards. The workshop will be intense, informative and highly interactive. Participants are encouraged to share and assist one another in the collective learning process.
Open to all employee levels.

Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-06

Title–Work It! The Critical Components of Customer Service SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
Consumer attention to the presence and quality of customer service is at an all time high. Nearly everyone responds better when treated with care and respect. Whether you are a public or private enterprise providing goods or services, support or supplies, tangibles or intangibles, utilizing good customer service is an excellent means of market differentiation. Furthermore, providing exceptional customer service is a great brand marketing tool and loyalty builder two outstanding competitive advantages! Ironically, many organizations minimize the significance of service. In fact, some organizations consistently fail to identify all of their customers and appropriately service them. This oversight is both internal and external in scope, as many organizations never seem to recognize who their real customers are.
Aside from the clear-cut example of the external client base, departmental customers do exist (all too often secretly) inside many organizations. How often do internal bottlenecks and riffs occur because exceptional service practices are not in place? What is the resulting economic impact in terms of profit and/or productivity? The benefits of nurturing a workplace culture that believes good customer service starts at headquarters and radiates outward are vast. This course focuses on the four critical components of customer service: courtesy; communication, consistency, and competence. Participants will be able to recognize a customer when they see one and be prepared to delight that customer with service. The seminar features lecture, group activities and a case study exercise.
Open to all employee levels. We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that is customized on a client-specific basis.
Course length: 4 Hours+ | Price: $2,360+

Course Code MCC-07

Title–Working with the ADA: New Challenges, New Opportunities! SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
The cornerstone of this seminar is an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. The focus is an informative and provocative assessment of the ADA and its impact on individuals and organizations. Discussions center on the challenges and opportunities presented to organizations as they become more inclusive in their hiring and promotion considerations for the more than 43 million disabled Americans in the potential worker pool. We explore attitudinal obstacles faced by the disabled that frequently are as limiting as architectural obstacles. Participants are encouraged to discuss their concerns and comfort level issues about disabilities and the disabled in an environment that is both instructive and accepting.
Open to all employee levels.

Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-08

Title–Communication & Conflict Management: Pieces in the Diversity Puzzle! SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
As people from different cultural perspectives and world views come together within organizations, successful communication styles can become a challenge. Seminar participants examine the impact of diversity on communication, conflict management and resolution within the organization. The increasing presence of foreign nationals and native-born Americans who learned English as a second language presents another communication challenge. We discuss the reciprocal aspects of effective oral communication, particularly the responsibilities of speaking and listening. We then examine the impact of communication on the ability to manage and resolve conflict. Conflict management styles are introduced and examined from culturally diverse perspectives with the goal of developing a repertoire of resolution skills. Practical team building techniques are emphasized.
Two sections offered: (1) For non-technical managers and supervisors; (2) For technical managers and supervisors.

Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-09

Title–Ethical Decision Making SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
Ethics and values-based training is critical for teams and organizations wishing to enhance productivity and the quality of work life. All individuals and organizations operate within an ethical framework, whether or not it is clearly delineated. Often, the challenge is not simply dealing with ethical challenges and conflicts when they emerge, but recognizing the intricacies of the conflicts. There are two dominant arenas in ethics: secular and sacred. When individuals who may be operating within sacred or spiritual ethical arenas operate in organizations frequently using secular systems of ethical analysis, conflicts inevitably emerge. This training component focuses on expanding the participants’ knowledge base of both secular and sacred systems of ethical analysis. Ultimately, this leads to a higher level of cross-cultural competency, as ethical analysis frequently is tied to elements of culture. As the base of information about “the other” expands, so does the level of trust and respect within the organization. The focus on trust and respect, as essential aspects of the ethics and values training, will undergird training in communication, conflict management and diversity. Training methodology includes the coupling of presentation information on varied ethical frameworks with discussion and exploration of individual values and belief systems with case studies. The perennial challenge is the dichotomy of identifying and understanding personal ethical views and accepting the fact that individuals within the team may not share them.
Open to all employee levels.

Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-10

Title–Dealing with Ageism: Golden Oldie or Workplace Relic? SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
Those aged forty and over comprise the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. Our traditional definitions of middle-aged, elderly, and old now are subject to renewed analysis. These golden oldies are staying in the workplace longer than ever before, because they are living longer, healthier lives, enjoy their work, and, subsequently, need the money. Increasingly, older workers feel they cannot afford to retire and therefore stay in positions that expose them to downsizing and technological obsolescence. All too often, the needs of the business turn against golden oldies and transform them into workplace relics. This is true especially in high-tech environments. Facing the angst of apparent misplaced loyalty, older workers deal with unique work related stress. The increased demands for flexibility, cross-training, mobility and even relocation are stressful particularly for more mature workers. This seminar provides an opportunity for older workers to deal with the aforementioned issues in an atmosphere of concern, encouragement, and support.
Open to all employee levels.

Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-11

Title–Diversity Council Training SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
This advanced two day course combines our leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution & diversity courses. This fully customizable hybrid module is primarily designed to assist organizations in developing and implementing internal Diversity and Inclusion Councils. During the first day seminar attendees will focus on improving group dynamics and individual soft skills with sessions on Effective Communication, Conflict Management, Influencing Others and Advanced Facilitation. Attendees will drill down on effective written & verbal communication skills and the business rationale for a diverse workforce. Day two will focus on diversity & leadership with sessions on AA, EEO & Diversity, Ethical Decision Making, The Economics of Diversity, Coaching & Communicating in a Diverse Environment that will help participants become better equipped to handle conversations and conflicts surrounding diversity. Program participants will be able to:1) Analyze employee demographic data pertinent to the employment cycle.2) Design and implement strategies to identify and address Executive Order 13583MD-715, and other planned improvements and prepare reports and recommendations based on the findings to present to senior leadership.3) Brief leadership on the D&I Council’s ongoing activities. 4) Inform and educate the workforce on the D&I Council’s purpose and function. 5) Identify and initiate potential partnerships both within the organization and with community stakeholders. Open to all employee levels. Course length: 2 Days (16 Hours) Price: $10,848

Course Code MCC-12

Title–Addressing Sexual Harassment and Misconduct SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
In June, 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court made two clarifying decisions addressing the interpretation of sexual harassment. The rulings met much public controversy and effectively repositioned sexual harassment as a dominant workplace issue, not an office sidebar. Because people constitute both society and populate workplaces, it follows that societal dynamics and individual differences continually fuel a number of workplace issues. This is no more a new observation than acknowledging the existence of racial, ethnic, gender, class differences. Yet, American workplaces are transforming into congregations of people who often labor in environments of distrust, intimidation, and anxiety. Virtually no workplace is exempt from some aspect of these ills. We have concluded that focusing on compliance with Title VII regulations keeps employers out of court, but does little to improve the workplace for workers. While compliance may save operating costs by minimizing fines, settlements, legal fees, etc., it is not necessarily profitability or productivity enhancing, key performance indicators, respectively, for public and public sector organizations. Is it unreasonable for workers and managers to be guarded in their interactions (peer-to-peer or vertically) due to fear of reprisal rather than respect for the individual? Who is responsible for setting the behavior example? What is the organization’s policy? What is the law? How accountable am I? This training is designed to answer these questions. Open to all employee levels. Course length: 6 Hours Price: $4,068

Course Code MCC-13

Title–EEO Investigative and Resolution Services SIN 874-4 (Mgt. Challenge of Change Series)
PN&A, Inc. Investigative and Resolution services include developing impartial, factual records that help agencies and organizations facilitate decisions on the claims raised in formal EEO complaints. Investigations are priced on a fixed rate scale, based on the quantity and complexity of the issues to be investigated. According to the EEOC, the average time to investigate and resolve a complaint is 10 months, however our professional team makes every effort to conclude as quickly as possible. Services duration: Varies Price: $500+

Leadership & Personal Development Training Series Course Overviews

Course Code LPD-01

Title–Effective Communications SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
The practice of effective communications forms the cornerstone of success in today’s business world. As people from different cultural perspectives and world views come together within organizations successful, communication styles can become a challenge. The increasing presence of foreign nationals and native-born Americans who learned English as a second language presents another communication challenge. We will discuss the reciprocal aspects of effective oral communication, particularly the responsibilities of speaking and listening. We then examine the impact of communication on the team. Open to all employee levels. Course length: Varies We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-02

Title–Performance Plus: Understanding the Rules of the Game! SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
In organizations, competency is assumed every time a payroll check is cut. The ability to advance through an organization frequently is based on intangibles or unwritten rules of the game. This seminar focuses on the myth of meritocracy, the notion that good works are their own reward. Knowing only the written rules (those items contained in the manuals, procedures, and job descriptions) suggests a significant percentage of the rules remains unknown. Participants explore ways to uncover all the rules, how they apply, the benefits of compliance, and the consequences of non-compliance. As the unwritten rules apply to everyone, albeit to differing degrees, this seminar may be offered in several ways: separately to managers and supervisors in non-technical and technical departments or separately to some or all of the diverse focus groups such as White Men, African-Americans, Hispanics, Older Workers, and Vietnam Veterans. Multiple sections offered. Course length: 6 Hours | Price: $4,068

Course Code LPD-03

Title–Influencing Others SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
The most effective influencers are those who know exactly what they want to achieve and can clearly express to others how that objective will be met only with their help. Beyond a strong sense of self, effective influencers know what makes others tick, i.e., what motivates them to action, to join your cause. This course will tap into a variety of skills, notably persuasive engagement. Through the Influencer Assessment, we will identify human elements in each of us that are most receptive to active influence. We will determine the best uses of assertiveness, attentiveness, tenaciousness, and appreciativeness in the influencing process. While not a prerequisite, this training is an excellent primer for our Basic Negotiation Skills course. Open to all employee levels. Course length: 4 Hours We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-04

Title–Basic Facilitation SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
Facilitation is the art of shepherding a group discussion through a change process. Frequently, the change represents a shift from dependency to empowerment, thus making the role of facilitator both multi-faceted and quite challenging. This course introduces a facilitation technique structure that ensures consistent, positive results. Basic facilitation is aimed at managers, project leaders, supervisors, and trainers who rely on collaborative processes team meetings, quality circles, focus groups, seminars, etc. to meet performance requirements. Participants will learn specific skill sets germane to facilitation that will address: trust building; effective questioning; active listening; group intervention, time management; conflict/disruption handling; and critiquing. Open to supervisory and higher employee levels. Course length: 4 Hours We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-05

Title–Basic Negotiation Skills SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
A negotiator is one skilled at striking a favorable agreement to acquire a service or product and/or inducing a position change of another party. Frequently, trickery and deceit are interwoven in the process of forging deals, bad deals. This course emphasizes a methodology for making good deals through a structured negotiation process. This approach is premised on establishing a bargaining strategy before verbal/written engagement, then itemizing negotiating criteria that lead to a successful outcome. Questioning, listening, phrasing, situational analysis, and positioning skills will be covered. The principles learned in this seminar can be used with equal effect in contract talks, dispute resolutions, procurements, budget tie-ups, or even project task delegation impasses. Open to all employee levels. Course length: 4 Hours We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-06

Title–Time Management SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
If time is equally distributed to all, why does it appear that some people never get caught up while others seem to set productivity records each day? As a finite resource, time must be budgeted much like money. Yet, many of us cannot seem to conquer the tendency to live our personal and professional lives as time spendthrifts. The buck stops at this workshop. Each participant will perform a personal time audit to prove to self the need to take control one’s time. We will proceed step-by-step to establish what tasks will get accomplished and when as well as what will not. The effect of regaining control of our time will be evidenced in greater work efficiency, enhanced personal productivity, elevated senses of accomplishment, and reduced levels of stress. Open to all employee levels. Course length: 4 Hours We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-07

Title–Interpersonal Skills SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
Current and aspiring managers who want to increase their effectiveness on the job should value and ultimately rely on sharp interpersonal skills. People with these skills frequently are labeled as magnetic personalities. In a sense, they create their own gravitational force. Those possessing this force often are strong, natural leaders who inspire and motivate others to peak performances. Alas, leaders are not always born; some will attend this workshop. Open to all employee levels. Course length: 4 Hours We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-08

Title–Effective Mentoring Relationships SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
In virtually every field of endeavor, top performers routinely seek the wise counsel of a mentor. Indeed, establishing effective mentoring relationships in today’s competitive workplace has become crucial to the developmental success of both protégé and mentor. Within this relationship, the person being mentored, the protégé, gains the skills to develop and implement career goals. Simultaneously, the mentor develops stronger communication, influencing and guidance skills. Each party plays specific roles, brings specific characteristics, and shoulders specific responsibilities for the duration of the mentoring partnership. At each phase of the mentoring process, the parties must perform critical cost/benefit analyses not only to determine value, but justify continuation as well. The ultimate purpose of mentoring is to develop reciprocal relationships that enhance opportunities for organizational success for both parties. This course provides frameworks for determining purpose/game plan, analyzing the risks/rewards, defining roles, establishing realistic expectations, and assessing results for both protégé and mentor. In addition to carefully considering the impact these relationships have on mentoring partners and their supervisors, our discussions also will scrutinize the effects on organizational succession strategies.
Open to all employee levels with separate classes for mentors, protégés, and supervisors. Course length: 4 Hours We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-09

Title–Coaching and Communicating in a Diverse Environment SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
This course moves beyond the awareness level of diversity to explore practical dimensions in its management. Effective communication, as a critical element of effective coaching, increasingly becomes challenging in a diverse environment. Participants focus attention on cross-cultural communication styles that hold domestic and global applications. Developing a cross-cultural communication skill base creates positive impacts for employees, supervisors and managers while enhancing customer service in an increasingly global market.
Open to Managers, Supervisors, & Technical Staff. Course length: 4 Hours We recommend configuring this offering with an optional 3-4 hour advanced session that allows for practical application and review opportunities. Price: $2,360 for short course, $4,068 for full day version

Course Code LPD-10

Title–Menspeak Womenspeak SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
This lecture is designed as an overview of the numerous gender-based issues found in the American workplace. The learning expectations are threefold: 1) to understand how gender differences translate into communication style differences; 2) to use that knowledge productively in male/female communications in the workplace; and 3) to address and answer the following questions. What are the communication style differences between men and women? How can we promote better male/female communication at work? Why are men heard more at meetings? Why is information ignored until stated by a man? What is the impact of communication style differentials due to upbringing and culturalization? How do you distinguish real from perceived communication style differences between men and women? How do we define “acceptable” behaviors at work? How do we communicate those behaviors? What is the origin and ideology behind gender-based communication style differences? How does culture impact differences in female/male communication styles? Does style vary between same-sex/gender and different sex/gender conversations? Do men think women speak too softly? Do women need different environments to communicate effectively? Discover answers to these queries at this informative seminar.
Open to all employee levels. Course length: 4 Hours | Price: $2,360

Course Code LPD-11

Title–The Team Retreat SIN 874-4 (Leadership & Personal Dev. Series)
This highly configurable seminar provides a facilitated, structured forum for team leaders and team members to engage each other off-site on personal levels that are unavailable in the everyday workplace. Generally, the format encompasses purpose/theme development, status assessing, personal skill training, and action plan creation. Off-site, overnight retreat locations enhance team development. Additionally, shared meals, group projects, and “down time” fosters team growth. It is during these activities, where team members engage each other at a one-on-one level of trust and respect, that team cohesion is most enabled. The ultimate objective is to increase personal and team productivity and the building of trust through open, direct dialogue. This seminar is particularly effective as a preface for impending organizational or policy changes that benefit from early buy-in of key personnel in advance of implementation. Open to Executive, managerial, and supervisory personnel.
Course length: 2-3 days Price: $4,068/day

Assessment Method Overview for SIN 874-4-Course Development & Professional Services

Product Code CA-01

Title–The 360 Assessment SIN 874-4
PN&A, Inc.’s online leadership assessment tool allows for feedback to government employees, supervisors, managers and executives on the 28 government-wide leadership competencies, as identified by OPM, that make up the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs):

  • Fundamental Competencies – Interpersonal Skills, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Integrity/Honesty, Continual Learning, and Public Service Motivation
  • Leading Change – Creativity and Innovation, External Awareness, Flexibility, Resilience, Strategic Thinking, and Vision
  • Leading People – Conflict Management, Leveraging Diversity, Developing Others, and Team Building
  • Results Driven – Accountability, Customer Service, Decisiveness, Entrepreneurship, and Technical Credibility
  • Business Acumen – Financial Management, Human Capital Management, and Technology Management
  • Building Coalitions & Communication – Partnering, Political Savvy, and Influencing/Negotiating.

The primary purpose of our online instrument is to help leaders identify their strengths as well as developmental needs. Federal agencies, public and private institutions as well as corporations are using 360 assessments for succession planning and leadership development – Contact us today to learn how our highly customizable 360 assessments can work for your organization! Price: Starting @ $125 per assessment

Product Code CA-02

Title–The Cultural Audit SIN 874-4
PN&A, Inc. has developed an accurate method of assessing the cultural climates and institutional practices within client organizations. By including mechanisms for capturing and processing individual and group subtleties, this multi-forum method achieves a broader organizational sensing than traditional, single pass, survey instruments. Our process, a three-tiered approach, combines the results of an on-line survey with focus group and individual interviews. Our computer-based survey instrument solicits data and measures perception responses of organizational factors. The on-line survey format allows respondents to input comments directly onto the electronic questionnaire which significantly reduces both data entry error and tabulation turnaround time. PN&A, Inc. gladly accommodates organizations preferring to use paper-based survey instruments. Focus group interviews encourage ethnic, racial, disabled, and gender based groups to explore their mutual interests in the change process. Generally, we target 10 groups Africans & African-Americans, Asians & Pacific Islanders, Disabled, Hispanic & Latino, Middle Easterners, Native Americans, People Over 40, Vietnam Veterans, Caucasian/White Males, and Women. The composition of focus groups is completely elastic and is based upon the client’s view of organization-specific needs. PN&A, Inc. conducts individual interviews with persons representing a 5% “vertical slice” of the total organization population. These individual assessments provide corroborative balance to the survey and group interview data. Data from the survey, along with group and individual interviews, are compiled and analyzed. PN&A, Inc. presents its analysis to Senior Staff, Organizational Development and/or Training representatives to ensure the proper customization of each training program. After delivering the training, we document our findings and recommendations to the organization in a formal, written report. If the agency already has initiated diversity training, The Cultural Audit is an ideal tool to measure program effectiveness. The Cultural Audit is the key to answering the frustrating question, “Where do we go from here?” Since audit data clearly pinpoints and quantifies general population and group-specific issues, the process of developing a viable strategic plan for diversity and other types of training is made much easier. Open to all organizations.We highly recommend The Cultural Audit as a diagnostic tool for determining the scope of extant issues and the corresponding appropriateness of training applications. It is fundamental to pilot training development and the ultimate roll out of new training vehicles. Assessments, (Surveys/Questionnaires) are billed on the basis of respondents. Interviews and focus groups are billed on a time basis defined under the consultation rate. Price: Starting @ $50 per respondent

Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
Customized Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Rates

Course Catalog Name/Number

Course Rate

Supervisory Essentials: Strategies of Success


Navigating the Federal Hiring Process (Introductory)


Strategies and Tips for Recruiting Talent


Is Supervision for You?


Introduction to HR for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders


Managing, Up, Down and Across


Delegation: Developing Others through Shared Work


Building and Managing Effective Teams


Introduction to Leadership


Developing Strengths-Based Leadership


Leading Teams and Projects


Leading by Coaching: Developing and Enhancing Performance 24/7


Servant Leadership


Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors


Performance Management for Managers and


Writing Performance Objectives


Identifying and Closing Performance Gaps


Coaching for Performance Conversations


Leadership through Effective Communication


Clear Communications


Change and Transition Management


Executive Communications


Managing a Virtual Workforce: Making Telework Work


Dealing with Difficult People


Facilitating Conflict Resolution


Negotiation Strategies and Techniques


Turning the Table on Conflict


Changing Dimensions of Change Management


Presentation Skills


Facilitation Skills


Customer Service


Business Writing


Stress Management for Effective Employees


Ethics and Decision Making


Labor Category Rates

**Indicates SCA eligible categories.
#WD 15-4729 (Rev.-8) was first posted on on 07/10/2018

Labor Category

Hourly Rate

Technical Writer III**


Business Analyst


Consultant/Technical Instructor/Course Developer**


Functional/Subject Matter Expert


Graphics Artist**


Program Manager


Programmer/Multimedia Developer/Media Specialist III**


Project Manager


Research/System Support Specialist**


Computer Programmer II**


Consultant II


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